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We grow only containerized polypot plants, which can be planted throughout the growing season.
We use micropropagation and seed reproduction for growing transplants.

Micropropagation is vegetative reproduction, which makes it possible to reproduce clones of plants, which are difficult to be reproduced. This method ensures homogeneous quality, making it possible to rapidly reproduce a large amount of transplants from the parent material. The micropropagation technology of the plants is under strict supervision both in the sterile part of the laboratory and in the root-taking phase in the greenhouse.
In our modern greenhouse-complex, the climate is controlled by a PRIVA computer. The plant fields are equipped with boom watering, which makes it possible to precision-water and fertilize the small pots.

For the production of seed reproduced transplants, we only use the best seed available. The filling of plant cassettes with substrate and the entire planting procedure is automated.
Initially, the plants grow in a 240-hole trays in the greenhouse, after which all the plants are transplanted once during the first year of growth into the final trays. Our new transplanting line makes it possible to plant a minimum of 100,000 transplants per day. This capacity shall guarantee homogenous quality.

To grow the plants, we use pots with strong vertical side ribs, which prevent the roots from getting twisted in the pot.
We use pots of the following sizes:

Pot 480 cc (i.e. pot with volume of 0.48 liters)
Growth density: 133 pcs/m2
Planted with forest hoe or spade
Use: Spruce from hedges
Pott 480 cc
Pot 190 cc (i.e. pot with volume of 0.19 liters)
Growth density: 250 pcs/m2
Planted with forest hoe, spade or planting tube Ø 75 mm
Use: Hybrid aspen (Populus x wettsteinii), Triploid aspen (Populus tremula f Giga), Curly birch (Betula pendula f. carelica)
Pott 190 cc
Pot 90 cc (i.e. pot with volume of 0.09 liters)
Growth density: 412 pcs/m2
Planted with planting tube Ø 55mm
Use: Alnus glutinosa, Larix x eurolepis, Betula pendula, Betula pendula f. carelica
Pott 90 cc
Pot 65 cc (i.e. pot with volume of 0.065 liters)
Growth density: 525 pcs/m2
Planted with planting tube Ø
Use: Picea abies, Pinus sylvestris
Pott 65 cc


Young spruce (Picea abies)
plants in small trays
(sowed 3 weeks ago).
Micropropagated young hybrid aspen
(Populus x wettsteinii) plants.
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