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Plantex Ltd.

Thank you for being interested in learning more about our company.

We are a family forest nursery, established in the year of 1995. We started the production of forest transplants in 2001 in our new Räpina forest nursery. The Räpina forest nursery has a micropropagation laboratory and 7,500m2 of heated greenhouses; the boom watered container fields have increased yearly, amounting currently to 12,000m2. We grow only polypot plants.

Over a million young plants are produced in the laboratory yearly. The main vegetative-reproduced transplants are the clones of hybrid aspen, triploid aspen and Betula pendula f. Carelica. However, we also produce decorative varieties of birch, varieties of cherry, rhododendrons, lilacs, varieties of hybrid bilberry, strawberry and raspberry and vegetative tree stocks of fruit trees.

Of transplants reproduced from seed, the principal ones are silver birch (Betula pendula) and Betula pendula f. Carelica, common spruce and pine, Larix x marschlinsii (Euro-Japanese larch).

Our employees are progressive-minded; the majority of them possesses horticultural education and has acquired specialized experience abroad.
It is our goal to raise the quality and to offer our customers the most favorable solutions possible.

We look forward to cooperation with you.